Idea of the Day: A Novel Way to Say Thanks

Novel Ways to Say Thank You

Novel Ways to Say Thank You

Wedding mints are a great addition to showers, rehearsal dinners, parties, the reception, etc. However, one customer thought of using them in a novel way that made us take “note”.

Their idea included using the individually wrapped mints after the wedding, including them with the thank you note to show their appreciation.

A handwritten thank you note that contains a personalized message, coupled with a wedding mint that has “Thanks for Sharing Our Special Day” imprinted on the wrapper is a thoughtful, and memorable way to recognize those who made your day perfect.

Hospitality mints can be used for business and social applications. Say thank you for any reason and for any occasion.

The mints are available in a variety of flavors and the packaging that comes in a number of popular colors, can be custom printed with your logo and message and distributed as part of your next direct mail package. Include them in your next campaign and send us your success story.

Stay tuned for more ideas. Contact us to place an order.

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Think About the Ink!

Give Your T-Shirts a Little More Flair with Glitter and Crackle

Give Your T-Shirts a Little More Flair with Glitter and Crackle

Looking for something to add vintage flair to your apparel designs? Ink types like glitter ink, and crackle screen printing can provide just that. These finishes give your apparel a retro, vintage or worn look and feel. If you’re thinking about a theme that supports days gone by this may be an excellent option.

Crackle Screen Printing– If you’re looking for the worn look of an old tee, crackle is an excellent choice for the imprint. Crackle ink gives the look of a tattered and split imprint with the durability of a modern, freshly printed design. There are also certain fonts that will provide that same effect.

Glitter Ink Printing – Since retro is in, the glitter imprint is very popular on ladies tops. These inks contain large flakes of shiny mylar that gives the print a very shiny, reflective look. What’s even better is that unlike metallic inks, the print will not dull upon washing.

Unfortunately, glitter is not a good choice for very detailed imprints.

Think about these two popular options for your next apparel order. Contact us for pricing and other ideas.

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End Quantity Pricing: What Does the Term Mean for You?

This is a re-post from August of 2009 regarding End Quantity Pricing.  Since this topic is about getting the most for your money, which is so important when planning for promotional items, we thought it would be worth mentioning again.

If you’ve been left scratching your head when you’ve seen terms like End Quantity Pricing or EQP on advertising flyers and product information literature, you’ll want to watch this short You Tube Video.

Watch this video to learn how End Quantity Pricing (also known as EQP) can save you money on your next purchase and why it’s important to pay attention when you see this term discussed or in promotional product advertisements.

The Perfect Time to Buy Full Color Ceramic Ornaments

Promotional Ornaments

Plan Now for Holiday Promotions

Plan now for holiday promotions with full color ceramic ornaments. Full color ornaments can be imprinted with any high quality full color image.

Beat the holiday rush by planning now and ordering early.  Ceramic ornaments are a great fit for any budget.  They make wonderful stand alone gifts as well as the perfect add on for employees, clients and customers, or for personal use with family and friends.

Here are some excellent ways to use custom printed ornaments this season:

Christmas and Holiday Events –  If your organization is planning a holiday event, why not advertise it using on an ornament?  Any logo, message or photo will look great on these ornaments. They can be dressed up with ribbons, gilded chords, gift boxes, velvet bags and more and hung in a number of  locations.

Fund Raising – Sports teams, churches, organizations and groups of all sizes can place their logo, favorite team photo, building, town landmark and more on an ornament.  They are priced low enough that they can be purchased with a modest budget and sold at a profit to raise money for your project.

Special Occasions –   Photos of weddings, reunions, showers, anniversaries, new babies, graduations and other milestones can be placed on ornaments and given out during the holidays to family and friends.  Keep the memories alive than with an ornament that’s hung on your family’s tree  year after year.

We have shatterproof, porcelain and ceramic ornaments for holiday gift giving.  Order early to beat the rush and avoid rush charges for production and delivery, depleted inventories, and last minute frustrations from ordering late.  Use the link below to see our current inventory of holiday ornaments.  If you have any questions about ordering or availability, please contact us at your convenience.

Custom T-Shirt Makers, Promotional Items and Gifts: Ornaments, Ceramic.

Drive Customers to Your Door (or Website) with Promotional Apparel

Whether you want to find new prospects or tout your new products and services, promotional apparel can serve as a walking billboard that drives traffic to your website, blog or social media site.  Promotional apparel (like custom t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts etc.) make excellent marketing tools that can be used to spark curiosity and interest.

A recent study by Successful Promotions revealed that a single t-shirt can deliver 365 impressions in just one month! Pair a t-shirt with a message that sends potential buyers to your website, blog or social media site where they can obtain more information or make a purchase! One t-shirt can spark multiple impressions of your message over a long period of time, which has the potential to translate to money in your bank account.

The key is in selecting apparel that appeals to your audience so that it becomes an essential part of their wardrobe.  When you look at the cost of an $8.00 promotional t-shirt, where the competition with other ads is limited, visibility and the number of impressions is high, it’s a great investment.  An $8.00 investment won’t go nearly as far with the typical pay per click program where the competition with other ads and the chance of false clicks is high, and the visibility and conversion rate is low.

When you think of all the avenues available in terms of marketing and communication like social media, websites, blogs, texting, tweeting apps and email, in addition to direct mail, postcards, sell sheets, posters, etc.  it can be confusing and overwhelming at times.  However, most of these electronic marketing tools are free or almost free, so it’s ridiculous to ignore them.  Paper communications are also very low in cost when you look at the cost per item.

To make the most of your marketing and advertising, avoid  looking at promotional items, electronic media, and hard copy marketing pieces as single, disconnected pieces of your marketing mix.  Instead, think of them as an essential part of a “marketing system” that works together to drive prospects and customers to your door.

Contact us for promotional apparel and other tips to take your business to the next level.  Become a fan or like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Advertising with Bookmarks, What a Novel Idea!

Early Detection Bookmark

Early Detection Bookmark

Selling, educating, informing and reminding with bookmarks? What a novel idea? Who would have thought it? The fact of the matter is a well-developed bookmark can have a substantial influence on marketing efforts.

They’re typically regarded as placeholders; however, for the avid reader they serve to repeat content over and over, expanding the reach of any organization.  They are an excellent way to place your message front-and-center each and every day.

The key to a successful bookmark marketing campaign is careful planning, so read on to learn bookmark marketing strategies that work.

Identify Your Goals

The first step in marketing and advertising with bookmarks  is to identify campaign goals.  You could print bookmarks as part of a marketing effort, or as part of a PR campaign or even as part of a direct-marketing campaign.  What industry are you working with?  Will they be handed out as part of an event? What do you want to accomplish?

Bookmarks fit any industry beyond the obvious like education and retail.  They are great additions to programs for health and wellness, non profits, financial institutions, and more.

There’s a different approach for a marketing versus a PR bookmark.  A public relations bookmark will typically include coverage for a charitable cause and how you’ve helped it.  They elicit feelings, emotions and thoughts.  Direct-marketing bookmarks have to do even more: They must motivate response.  Identify your goal, and move on.

Keep it Short

What message(s) will support your goal and who is your audience? Understand that people who use bookmarks are interested in reading the books in their laps, and not the bookmarks themselves.

Keep your message brief, clean and to the point.  A short headline and illustrations that convey your message will be noticed every time your audience opens a book and will work (through repetition) to have long-term impact.

Add Value

Add value to your bookmark with a  coupon or event calendar

Adding value to your bookmarks can greatly increase your response. Coupons for products and services are great incentives to keep your bookmark around.

Upcoming event calendars, sports schedules and other information unique to the interests of your audience are all great additions to any bookmark.  For example, perhaps our cat lovers would like to know about cats in famous literary works!

If you can add value and make it interesting, your bookmark stands a much better chance of achieving marketing success.

Distribution Plan

It’s imperative to get your bookmarks in front of the right audience. For some organizations, this can be easy: A library might ask local elementary schools to hand out free bookmarks with a reading program schedule to students, or a minor league baseball team might hand out free bookmarks at a game.  Consider who your organization is targeting, and how to reach the masses.   A well-targeted sales letter package might be the answer.

As you can see, bookmark marketing is a creative way to consistently reach your target audience.  Though it’s often overlooked, bookmark marketing provides an excellent way to connect with your customers on an intimate level that your competitors are missing.  Contact us to create your next promotion from concept to final production.   We have lots of ideas to support your campaign goals!

Promotional Planning: What are Your Needs?

custom t-shirts

Reach Your Audience with Custom Printed Items!

Thinking about using custom apparel and promotional items like t-shirts, hats, pens etc.  for marketing and special events this year?  If so, do you have a handle on how many promotional items you’ll need this quarter or for the first half of the year?  Take our Promotional Planning Survey to help you get control over planning for 2010.

Don’t let your time lines creep up on you this year… take control and plan ahead.  If you’ve ordered promo items before you know that artwork, regular production and standard delivery can take time.  If you’re new to ordering items, it’s important to know that last minute orders cost more for rush production and/or shipment and can result in much frustration and nail biting.   It’s possible to process the order at the last minute (for example, a week before your event) but the costs can really add up fast.

To plan ahead, take our Promotional Planning Survey to (1) determine and prioritize current needs, (2) plan for future needs (3) avoid the frustration and hassle of rush charges.

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