Create Awareness and Attract More Customers with Special Observances

Holidays and special observances provide excellent opportunities to support your favorite cause and connect with the community.  Sponsoring an event designed to create awareness, even a small observance can start conversations about things that are important to your customers.  Themes can include health, historical events, and current events can lead to positive action and increase your company’s exposure in the community.

For example, the National Women’s History Project‘s 2013 theme for National Women’s History Month is Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination: Celebrating Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. They are honoring women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

An idea for the month of March, in honor of Women’s History Month, could be to feature women who have excelled in science and technology now and throughout history.  If possible provide information on local women in these fields.  Enhance the celebration by creating an offer for women who sign up for your newsletter (at your brick and mortar facility or website) to receive a free, relevant promotional gift.  The promotional gift should include your logo with a message that includes your theme and contact information.  If customers sign up online, make sure to provide them with a promotional code that they can use to get their free gift.

Another example includes creating awareness regarding health and wellness, which is something that most everyone can relate to.   Even if your company isn’t in the healthcare field, many consumers are concerned about health and fitness.  Health related observances like National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and National Nutrition Month provide an opportunity to provide general information and encourage customers and potential customers to schedule screenings and regular check ups.  Partnering with health professionals, hospitals and clinics can boost awareness in your community and provide information on resources that are available.

Contact us for items like t-shirts, napkins, balloons, drinkware, pillboxes, first aid kits, candles, stress reducers and more.  Placing your logo on items with an inspiring message shows customers and potential customers that you care about topics that are important to them and the community.  Increased exposure like this, can go a long way to attracting new customers.  Call us for more ideas or to order promotional items for your next campaign.

March Holidays and Observances

The following observances are approaching in March!  Find more observances by taking a look at our Promo Calendar.  It’s constantly updated so check it often.

Great American Cleanup
Irish American Heritage Month
Mental Retardation Awareness Month
Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
National Nutrition Month
National Professional Social Work Month
National Women’s History Month

Generate Goodwill with an Employee Recognition Program

Employee Recognition

Recognize your team, employees and volunteers that contribute to your success!

Promotional items are commonly used to generate goodwill and trust both inside and outside the organization.  Opportunities, in many instances are missed because the primary focus tends to be on enhanced relationships with customers only.  The focus has to shift to take advantage of opportunities to boost trust and goodwill with employees, suppliers, and others who make major contributions.  How much better could your organization be if you developed and fostered excellent working relationships with both internal and external customers?

This award is the Delphi (FS-342-AL): 793095. A multi-colored artglass award with polished aluminum and black marble base. * Art charges apply “

Did you know that promoting goodwill can not only boost your organization’s likeability factor and overall image in the community, but it can also translate to earning power?  Surprisingly for some, promoting goodwill in the community affects a company’s reputation and it can be reflected on a company’s balance sheet as an intangible asset.  While the reason for promoting goodwill within your organization should be because it’ the right thing to do, it’s nice to know that there can be a financial benefit as well.   There is no definite formula for success when it comes to fostering good relationships, here are two easy steps you can take that will set you in the right direction.
  1. Be an engaged, active participant in all business relationships. Successful business relationships, like friendships require involvement from both parties.  Make it a habit to establish regular conversations and two way dialog with your employees, not just when you need an additional commitment from them.  Become a great listener and take action on items that need improvement.  Don’t call on colleagues only when you need something.  Engage in goodwill by establishing a  two way dialog with colleagues and contacts by calling, having lunch or sending a card or note just to check in.
  2. Offer positive feedback and compliments to those who deserve them. If your employees exceeded goals and otherwise contributed to your companies success, it’s customary to compliment and reward them on a job well done. Express your gratitude for your employee’s hard work with promotional gifts. A compliment goes a long way in boosting the spirits of others, which can establish a feeling of goodwill in the office and beyond.  Promotional items like apparel, household items, wards and electronics are popular gift items that say thank you for all you do!
  3. Generate goodwill in the community. For example, local elementary and high school sports programs are popular in providing sponsorship opportunities.  The arts are also a popular choice and there are opportunities to sponsor plays, dance groups, art exhibits. as a way to build goodwill.  Look to add local artists’ work to the walls in your facility. Lobby areas can provide excellent backdrop and exposure for local artists.  Health organizations also provide opportunities for sponsor events that lead to improved health.Each time you advertise community events on local bulletin boards, websites and public radio stations, you are building goodwill.  Over time,  customers become your best sales force, because they believe in your  company, not just in your products or services.Include other small businesses to help with your events. Local coffee shops, bakeries and music stores will often send over vendor carts or share event costs in exchange for being added to the advertising.

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Ideas for Christmas Ornament Fundraisers

holiday ornaments

Holiday Fundraisers

Any organization (churches, schools, sports teams, fraternities/sororities, reunion groups, clubs, etc) can run a Christmas Ornament fundraiser.  In fact, it’s something that many groups run on an annual basis. Ornament fundraisers are fun, easy, and profitable for all involved.  Read our ornament fundraising brochure for more information.  Here are the program basics to get you started. Follow these steps to get started!

Design Your Ornament

  • Decide on an imprint for your ornament.  Some ideas include using your logo, team mascot,  a monogram, building, your slogan, holiday message, add your school, business or organization name, team name and/or year.  Some organizations have contests to obtain ideas, and get members involved.
  • If you don’t know where to start on your ornament design, contact us for ideas. We provide free artwork assistance and clip art options for your design. Each ornament has an artwork template that can be used to make designing easy. After your artwork is received, we’ll make a proof of your custom ornament and fax or email it as an attachment for your approval.Custom Chrismas Ornaments

Choose Your Ornament

  • Pick an ornament from our website or use the product special for shatterproof ornaments available in 10 colors. If you don’t see an ornament that you like, send us your requirements and we will find an ornament that meets your needs.

Place Your Order

  • Once the order information and artwork are received, we will fulfill your order, including any reorders. You have several options for submitting your order, including our “no risk” option that allows you lots of flexibility based on your needs. Your organization can purchase ornaments before orders are taken or you can “pre-sell” them collecting money ahead of time based on your needs and your time line.
  • Reorders are easy and ship in one to two weeks, depending on time of the year – it is a good idea to check with us on the current re-order lead time. The holidays are very busy so lead times may be longer. Since we would have all your order and artwork information reordering will be easier.

Promote Your Fundraiser

  • You can start pre-selling the ornaments based on the artwork and proof or we can provCustom Christmas Ornamentside samples that you can display on order taking days. So when your ornaments are delivered, you may have already sold them all! Contact us for our “no risk” option that may be a good fit for your needs.
  • We have many resources available to promote your fundraiser, including our fundraising guide, flyers, order forms, banners, and samples that can be displayed on order taking days.
  • Ornaments make great holiday gifts for family members and friends and we have a number of ornament types to choose from.

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Our Blog Has a Whole New Look!

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We’ve made a few changes on our blog ad we’re excited about the new look and feel.  The goal is to bring together our online media pages in one location.

We’ve added some visual changes that better reflect a new direction toward marketing, versus just selling promotional items. After all marketing is the reason for using promo items in the first place. Right? We incorporated tools from Facebook and Twitter and added a contact tab that can be used to send us a message directly.

Take a look at the Facebook and Twitter feeds on the right side of the page for our current activities.  To further connect, like us to connect on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.  You can also sign up to receive updates by email by entering your address on the top left side of the page.

We start by asking the question, “How are you promoting your company?” If you think that promotional items are not for you, please read the articles, check out our money and time saving deals and case studies to get ideas for your next campaign.  The key is in learning o use them effectively as part of an overall strategy. That’s our goal in writing this blog.

So try us out, and take your marketing from boring to brilliant, make a great first impression and create anticipation for your events.  Give participants, prospects and business associates items that will remind them of the positive experience they had with your organization.  Position your company for success with regular marketing campaigns and events, using promotional apparel and gift items.

Marketing Tip of the Day: Request Feedback

Improve Response Rates with Business Card Magnets

Customers are the lifeblood of any business yet in many cases, their opinion is neglected, and sometimes even feared.  Because of this apprehension, valuable opportunities are lost by avoiding the hard questions like “how can we improve?”.  Feedback can give us a boost of confidence when things go well. When things don’t go so well, it can make us want to run and hide.  However those negative tidbits can be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to boosting your business.  Those hard knocks become pearls of wisdom… the pearls that are needed to make your business essential to customers which often leads to more referrals and increased business.

Where do you rate in terms of facing the issues that arise in your business? Are you avoiding problem areas or are you addressing issues that customers bring to the forefront? How does your business currently obtain feedback from customers? Do you send out surveys, does someone follow up in person or by phone after the sale? Is there an opportunity for customers to be open and frank with their feedback? Is there an incentive for customers who provide feedback? What do you do with the feedback once you receive it?  What actions do you take if for example, if you receive negative feedback or complaints?

All these questions are critical to the success of your business.  If you don’t know what your customers think about the experience they had with your business, you’re operating in the dark with one hand tied behind your back.  You might as well close shop.  If customers are unhappy, many of them won’t complain… they just leave, and never come back. They never refer you to their business associates, family and friends.  As a matter of fact, these are the people they will complain to.

People will support your business not because they think it looks good, but because they know it is good.  If they have problems with your services, customers are the best source of objective advice on how to make things better.  So today’s tip involves having a process (there goes that word again!) in place that allows you to regularly obtain feedback.  Give customers options (anonymously or in person, by phone, hard copy surveys, online surveys, etc) which will increase the likelihood that they will give you feedback.  As an added bonus, including lightweight promotional items (like business card magnets) with surveys that are mailed and/or placing a message with a link to an online survey on a promotional item is a proven way to improve response rates.  Coupons, discounts and other money saving values are great ways to encourage feedback as well.

The goal is to create an environment where feedback is encouraged.  And once your customers have given it to you, let them know how you are going to use it.  They will begin to feel involved in your business, and are more likely to send other people your way.

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Marketing Tip of the Day: Promote the End Result

Every businessperson thinks they have the best products and services available.  But believe it or not,  your customers don’t really want your product or service.  They want the benefit produced by using it… the bottom line, the end result.

For example, people and companies that buy promotional items want the benefit of growth, better business relationships, goodwill in the community, increased sales and brand awareness.  People who buy cars want the convenience, image and amenities that stylish mobility provides. Consumers of medical services want relief from pain and disease, physical fitness, improved overall health, and a feeling of well being.

The goal is to stop thinking about products and start thinking about benefits.  Make sure your web pages, elevator pitch, sales letters and other marketing materials are promoting the end result your customers want. Contact us for help with your next event, Like us on Facebook to get our updates.

Get Ready for Summer Camp!

camp tshirts, advertise my camp, camp t-shirts

Now is the Time to Buy Shirts for Summer Camp

Camps will enrich the lives of many children this summer with activities that will spark their curiosity and enhance their creativity! No camp would be complete without t-shirts to commemorate the event… Custom t-shirts and apparel serves dual duty by working to spread the word about the camp, it’s goals and mission while providing a uniformity for camp participants.  After the camp is over, the items are kept as souvenirs. Contact information is maintained for next year.

Your logo along with the imagery and themes for spring and summer make finding the right design an easy undertaking.  If you’re not sure about your imprint, we have images and themed items that will fit most programs including sports, academic, adventure, arts, religious and more. Companion shirts are available in matching colors and styling. This means that you can purchase the same shirt styling and colors for every member of your team, from staff to the smallest camper in mens, ladies, youth and plus sizes.

To avoid rush charges that can be very costly, be sure to order t-shirts and other promotional items about 4-8 weeks before your event, especially if you need to have artwork created for your imprint.  Make sure you have camera ready artwork, and if you have questions, please contact us.  Look through our selection of t-shirts in white and colors with a one color imprint included in the pricing.