Generate Goodwill with an Employee Recognition Program

Employee Recognition

Recognize your team, employees and volunteers that contribute to your success!

Promotional items are commonly used to generate goodwill and trust both inside and outside the organization.  Opportunities, in many instances are missed because the primary focus tends to be on enhanced relationships with customers only.  The focus has to shift to take advantage of opportunities to boost trust and goodwill with employees, suppliers, and others who make major contributions.  How much better could your organization be if you developed and fostered excellent working relationships with both internal and external customers?

This award is the Delphi (FS-342-AL): 793095. A multi-colored artglass award with polished aluminum and black marble base. * Art charges apply “

Did you know that promoting goodwill can not only boost your organization’s likeability factor and overall image in the community, but it can also translate to earning power?  Surprisingly for some, promoting goodwill in the community affects a company’s reputation and it can be reflected on a company’s balance sheet as an intangible asset.  While the reason for promoting goodwill within your organization should be because it’ the right thing to do, it’s nice to know that there can be a financial benefit as well.   There is no definite formula for success when it comes to fostering good relationships, here are two easy steps you can take that will set you in the right direction.
  1. Be an engaged, active participant in all business relationships. Successful business relationships, like friendships require involvement from both parties.  Make it a habit to establish regular conversations and two way dialog with your employees, not just when you need an additional commitment from them.  Become a great listener and take action on items that need improvement.  Don’t call on colleagues only when you need something.  Engage in goodwill by establishing a  two way dialog with colleagues and contacts by calling, having lunch or sending a card or note just to check in.
  2. Offer positive feedback and compliments to those who deserve them. If your employees exceeded goals and otherwise contributed to your companies success, it’s customary to compliment and reward them on a job well done. Express your gratitude for your employee’s hard work with promotional gifts. A compliment goes a long way in boosting the spirits of others, which can establish a feeling of goodwill in the office and beyond.  Promotional items like apparel, household items, wards and electronics are popular gift items that say thank you for all you do!
  3. Generate goodwill in the community. For example, local elementary and high school sports programs are popular in providing sponsorship opportunities.  The arts are also a popular choice and there are opportunities to sponsor plays, dance groups, art exhibits. as a way to build goodwill.  Look to add local artists’ work to the walls in your facility. Lobby areas can provide excellent backdrop and exposure for local artists.  Health organizations also provide opportunities for sponsor events that lead to improved health.Each time you advertise community events on local bulletin boards, websites and public radio stations, you are building goodwill.  Over time,  customers become your best sales force, because they believe in your  company, not just in your products or services.Include other small businesses to help with your events. Local coffee shops, bakeries and music stores will often send over vendor carts or share event costs in exchange for being added to the advertising.

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