Personalize Your Next Birthday Party with T-Shirts!

birthday and celebration t-shirts

Celebration T-Shirts

If you’re looking for something novel for your next birthday party, think about custom keepsake t-shirts!  Available for adult in children’s sizes in a variety of colors.  Imprint them with a special message that will provide a reminder of great times shared by everyone.  

Common imprints include the birthday, name, location of the party, date of the party, a photo of the person or milestones like sweet sixteen, 30th, 40th.  Personalize the party with things that are special to the guest of honor to make it more meaningful.  

T-shirts are an excellent choice for outdoor events like barbecues, pool parties and luaus.  They also work well for dance and casino themed parties.

Party Fun with T-Shirts!

Ideas and Tips

Coloring t-shirts are a hit at children’s parties.  They can create their own shirt by “coloring in”  and decorating their shirts with fabric paint and markers!  White shirts are the most economical in terms of price and make an excellent canvas for little Picassos! Another use for the fabric marker is to have each guest sign or print their name on the back or front of a shirt that will be given to the guest of honor!

Custom keepsake t-shirts are more affordable than ever with sale pricing and low minimums. Buy as few as 12 shirts custom shirts (no minimums on blank shirts) for a memorable event that looks great when taking a group photograph.  If you can’t afford shirts for everyone in the group, consider buying  the minimum for prizes or giveaways. 

Make the guest of honor feel really special with shirts that have the date of their party, their name and other important information.  Have the names of the guests or family members placed on the back!

If you’re buying t-shirts, you’ll want to have a good idea of how many people will be able to attend.  Adding an RSVP to the invitation will help ensure that you don’t buy too many (or too few) shirts.  Once you have set a date and decided on a theme, start thinking about the information you’re want to include on the shirt and the design wanted. 

Not sure about sizing?  Estimate or contact guests to obtain sizes before placing your order. Designate a contact person who will be responsible for obtaining and tallying up the sizes. Use colors and themes that tie in with  invitations, decorations and other party elements.  Make sure to order shirts so that there will be time to hand them out before the event.  Either arrange for a pick up date and time or give them out as guests arrive.

Shirts in white and imprints in one color and in one location( like the picture shown) are the most economical way to purchase t-shirts.  Our shirts include a one color, one location imprint for one low price.  Full color shirts are more expensive, but provide the most flexibility, especially with complex designs.  With affordable low minimums, it’s easy to get shirts for the group that will serve as a keepsake and reminder of the good times shared.   especially milestone birthdays like sweet sixteen, 30th, 40th, or Over the Hill are common birthday themes for birthdays.