Be More Effective with No Risk Fundraising Programs

In tough economic times, raising money for your project, charity or mission can be a challenge. Reach beyond traditional fundraisers like bake sales, car washes, dinners and craft sales with custom printed items. Traditional fund raisers are great for raising money and wonderful for bring people together. At the same time they are limited by the number of pies that can be baked, or the number of cars that can be washed in any given day. Everyone is over committed, so there’s not a lot of time left to bake enough of everything to sell and make a hefty profit. Traditional fundraisers are limited by time allotted for the sale (usually a few hours), prep time, and a number work and human resources outside of the actual sale day.

It’s easier to raise funds by selling items that are made by others, have an affordable cost per unit, with an unlimited supply, that are practical, well received and have high perceived value in any economy.  Sell items that display your organization’s custom imprint and fit into your organization’s theme that are being used now… and recognized by every day people. That means no hype and no arm twisting to get them to purchase.

This time of year provides an excellent opportunity for fundraising with commemorative plates, bells, ornaments and more. Feature candid shots and pictures of your members, special events, groups, committees, and buildings and grounds in full color digital imprinting with custom calendars. View our video to learn how to use custom printed items to enhance your fundraising efforts.

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