Use Stock Designs for Quick Solutions

Awareness Stock Design

We have added stock designs to our website that will be available soon in their entirety.  Right now there are only a few for use.  The designs are basic combinations of wording and images that can be imprinted in one color or multiple colors and sized to fit any product on the site. 

Logos can be combined with a stock design, for example, a “Happy Birthday” design and added to bags, t-shirts and other items for a great giveaway gift for employees and customers. They can be used for ideas and given to graphic designers for further enhancement. 

We hope to help customers who need a quick design solution as well as those that don’t have designers available to come up with images on the fly. These images will hopefully remove any barriers created by the lack of a suitable design.  In reality anything can be placed on a custom printed item, keeping in mind laws that cover copyrighted material.  The real limitation in many cases is time, access to software that will make the images camera ready and creativity. 

There has never been a shortage of occasions, holidays, events and popular sentiments that can be added to t-shirts, mugs, awards, and other custom items.  The other limitation can be in planning and measurement.  Without adequate planning and measurement, advertisers won’t know whether their campaigns and promotions were sucessful or not. Coming up with fresh ideas can also be a limitation so many times a new twist is placed on a concept that has been successful.

An example of a popular idea for stock designs is to create a birthday or anniversary club where the receiver gets something nice on their special date.  If your club is for employees, you wouldn’t want to give the same thing to everyone, but maybe everyone whose special date is in a certain month will get a custom printed t-shirt.  Maybe the next month they will get a custom printed bag or something of similar value. Allowing employees or customers to pick from a selection of gifts that are imprinted with a special message like “Happy Anniversay from Company XYZ” is popular.  These gifts are also good for other milestones like graduations, promotions, and retirement.

Consider personalizing a stock design with any combination of special messages, full color photographs, names and dates.  It’s also popular to combine non imprinted items like books, music, gift cards, other items with custom printed items.  Used alone or in combination they go a long way to building loyalty, showing appreciation and celebrations.

Think of an unconventional way to pair your custom printed item with related items for a gift that will make a lasting impression.  If you’re looking for reasons to communicate with customers, employees and associates, check our planning calendar for national observances and holidays.  Build a promotion around observances that fit your audience.Amazon Books, Audio Books and Gift Cards

We have conventional books, audio books, Amazon gift cards to accompany your custom printed gift to make your gifts memorable and hopefully profitable as well.  Visit our bookstore for a great selection of items.  We are also implementing a planning calendar to help our customers plan for opportunities